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Montreal, Canada:  EnergyOr Technologies Inc., a leader in advanced PEM fuel cell systems for aerospace applications, has demonstrated the world's longest multirotor drone flight in real-world operating conditions. On December 16th, 2015, EnergyOr's H2Quad 400 flew for over two hours while recording 4K video, using a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal to control the camera. This demonstration was performed to further emphasize the significant potential of EnergyOr's fuel cell systems to dramatically increase multirotor UAV flight endurance, thereby enabling countless new applications for this type of aircraft.

EnergyOr's CEO, Michel Bitton, stated "The H2Quad 400 performed beyond our expectations and the success of this demonstration not only gives confidence to move forward with commercialization, but to also develop larger multirotor platforms with even greater payload capacity." He continued by saying "EnergyOr is proud to be the first and only company to demonstrate a practical, working fuel cell powered multirotor drone in a real-world operating environment."

EnergyOrs fuel cell systems are designed, built and tested to meet our customers stringent requirements. Based on fuel cell system technology similar to the automotive industry, specific attention has been made to operation at ambient temperature extremes (high and low), high altitudes and in environments where significant airborne contaminants are present (e.g. dust).

The commercial market for multirotor drones used in civil applications is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, with new uses being announced on a daily basis.  Current applications include parcel delivery, disaster response, hydro and rail line inspections, flare stack inspections, precision agriculture, search and rescue missions and film production, just to name a few.  Battery powered multirotor UAVs have very limited flight times due to the relatively low specific energy (Watt-hours/kg) of existing rechargeable battery technologies.

About EnergyOr

EnergyOr Technologies Inc. (2002) is a Montreal-based Canadian company that develops lightweight and compact PEM fuel cell systems for high value-added premium niche markets. Its proprietary technology is well suited for aerospace, portable and mobile power applications, or any other application where weight is a critical requirement, including automotive. EnergyOr develops fuel cell systems that are tailored to suit its customer's specific needs, collaborating from early in the design process, through to system integration and product qualification.

EnergyOr was the first and only company to fly a fuel cell powered UAV in Canada (May 2007), and in December 2007, performed the first ever fuel cell flights in Israel. In March 2009, EnergyOr integrated a fuel cell system into the Bird Eye 650 developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and demonstrated what is believed to be the longest endurance flight of this aircraft to date.

EnergyOr has achieved a flight of more than 10 hours with its fuel cell powered operational UAV, the FAUCON H2. The aircraft, complete with integrated avionics, executed a predetermined flight plan for 10 hours and 4 minutes, then landed autonomously just after sunset on Friday, August 12th, 2011 in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. In February of 2013, EnergyOr also performed the first ever fuel cell powered UAV endurance flights in India.

EnergyOr offers fuel cell products including the EPOD line of UAV fuel cell systems, the EPAC line of portable auxiliary power units (APUs), the EDAQ fuel cell data acquisition & diagnostic system, and the HPOD hydrogen filling station. EnergyOr provides total system solutions including custom fuel cell stacks and balance-of-plant, hydrogen delivery systems, and complete system integration services.

Contact Information:

Michel Bitton, President and CEO
EnergyOr Technologies Inc.,
Montréal, Québec, Canada
(514) 744‐6122

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