EnergyOR, a Plug Power company -

EnergyOr Technology

A Fuel Cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device similar to a battery, differing in that it is designed for continuous replenishment of the reactants consumed; i.e. it produces electricity from an external supply of fuel (hydrogen) and oxygen (air) as opposed to the limited internal energy storage capacity of a battery. We offer:

  • 1 Technological capabilities from A to Z, a complete solution.
  • 2 EnergyOr has developed and integrated the entire fuel cell system including stack,
    controller,software and hydrogen delivery module.
  • 3 Mechanical, electrical and all the necessary avionics
  • 4 Custom stack and system designs to meet very specific customer requirements

EnergyOr Intellectual Property (IP)

EnergyOr is an intellectual property rich company with over 14 years of research & development and prototyping, resulting in over 16 patents and patents pending as well as numerous closely guarded trade secrets. We specialize in the development of complete fuel cell system solutions, including stacks, control systems, storage and filling stations for hydrogen, etc. EnergyOr is also open to partnerships in the use of our intellectual property.

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