EnergyOR, a Plug Power company -

EnergyOr's mission is to design, develop, assemble, test, license and commercialize PEM fuel cell systems to meet the energy needs premium and other value-added applications from A to Z.

Our Vision

1 Loyal to our customers and partners
2 Dedicated to delivery
3 Committed to our people
4 Leaders and drivers of innovation
5 Dedicated to our business and its growth

Our Values

EnergyOr's values are important to us. They create a creative environment, in which we work, define how we interact with our fellow employees and the attitudes we adopt towards our partners and customers.

Our Intergrity

EnergyOr has always adhered to honesty and transparency.  EnergyOr's prime objective is to meet or exceed our customers requirements and not to confuse our clients with misleading marketing practices. For example, EnergyOr's fuel cell system brochures provide the energy available at rated power and not some lower, more efficient operating level.

Our Pride

We have pride in our team work results, to bring about the introduction of reliable, robust, efficient, innovative and profitable energy solutions to existing and future mass markets.

Our Focus

Total dedication and customer focus to deliver profitable, innovative, clean and reliable technology to the markets.

Our Innovation

Our goal is to provide innovative, simple and better solutions to develop cost-effective, reliable, robust and simple solution technologies. 

Our Heritage

EnergyOr has a fine heritage built on technology achievement and development leadership, taken from over 14 years experience. 

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