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Today, the dominant stack design for the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) is to use bipolar plates with embedded flow fields. An optimized bipolar plate has to fulfill a number of requirements; good electrical conductivity to minimize resistive losses, good heat conductivity to facilitate heat removal, good gas tightness, excellent corrosion resistance.

The separator plate flow field design ensures the gas distribution, the removal of product water and the removal of the heat generated by the electrochemical reaction. Also required is the design of the fluid manifold to ensure uniform fluid distribution to each cell in the stack with the necessary pressure drop within each cell to facilitate the water extraction generated by the electrochemical reaction.

Worldwide, there is intensive and continuous research and development to innovate in order to increase the power density of fuel cell stacks and to reduce material and assembly costs.

EnergyOr has a new concept that offers an advantageous alternative to the current industry dominant design of using separator plates with flow fields to distribute the reaction gases in a path parallel to the membrane assembly.

The advantages of our concept are numerous, but the three main benefits of our revolutionary design are:

  • 1 Stack power density as high as 1000 Watts/kg,

  • 2 The potential for automated cell fabrication and assembly, thus a true potential for low cost stacks

  • 3 A design that is applicable over a wide range of power with minimal design changes i.e. no need to redesign the flow field, no need to validate the new flow field, no need to redesign the manifold, same fabrication technology is applicable.

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