EnergyOR, a Plug Power company -

EnergyOr has focused its development on the growing UAV market for military and civil applications. For the range 5 to 50 kg and possibly more there is strong interest in electrical propulsion which offers numerous advantages. However even using the best Li Po batteries, the flight time is limited. Using a hybrid system battery - fuel cell the specific energy of the system could be increased by a factor of 3 to 5 depending on the mission time. Based on published projections we can estimate the world potential market for mini-UAVs, 10 % of the tactical UAVs and 50% of the civil UAVs for the next ten years at 2960 millions $ US for the procurement.

Below are some of the fuel cell markets that EnergyOr is pursuing:    

Urban Transport

1 Electric bicycles
2 Electric scooters
3 Tricycles for delivery
4 Tricycles for transportation
5 Wheel chairs, transporter (3 or 4 wheels)
6 Small delivery vans
7 Electric vehicle range extenders

Power Sources for Remote Area                          

1 Isolated residences
2 Monitoring stations
3 Data acquisition for extended periods
4 Construction sites
Off-Grid and Back-up Power

1 Telecommunications
2 Mobile phone towers
3 Emergency power for hospitals
4 New residential development

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