EnergyOR Technologies inc. - 1 (514) 744.6122

Michel Bitton - President and C.E.O. - Developer and promoter of several technology projects. A graduate from the HAAL School of Technology, Tel-Aviv and McGill University, Montreal.

Marian Kellerman, C.A. - Financial Advisor - 18 years as president of Corporation Yoda, engaged in start-up of energy technology companies.

Raymond Roberge, Eng., PhD - Chief Technology Officer (Emeritus) of EnergyOr Technologies Inc.; Graduate from Ecole Polytechnique,Montreal and the University of Pennsylvania; Visiting scientist at Cambridge - MIT Institute; More than 35 years of experience in advanced technologies.

Elie Bitton, LL.L, LL.M J.D., is an Honorary Member of the Board and practicing legal counsel; member of the Quebec Bar. His experience is in Commercial Law, with specialization in IT and telecommunications.Elie graduated with a License in Civil Law, cum laude, and a Juris Doctorate, cum laude.

Nathaniel Bitton, MBA, CFA, ASA, ACIA, serves as external consultant for the strategic and financial positioning of EnergyOrs growth strategy; Senior financial risk consultant and actuary. Nathaniel graduated with a Bachelors in Actuarial Mathematics, Specialization Finance, summa cum laude, and a Masters in Business Administration, summa cum laude.

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